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How to grill ribs on charcoal

If, however, you are using a charcoal grill then you need to learn how to keep it low and slow to get tender, perfect BBQ ribs. Now, let's go. You don't need a smoker to cook mouthwatering barbeque ribs, a simple charcoal grill works exceptionally well. Let me show you how to cook. Check out this delicious recipe for Classic Baby Back Ribs from Weber—the world's number one Recipe from Weber's Charcoal Grilling™ by Jamie Purviance.

Unlike a steak or hamburger, you can't just throw a rack of ribs over some hot coals and grill it (unless you enjoy tough, dry ribs). Authentic BBQ ribs are. Ingredients. 1 cup KC Masterpiece® Original Barbecue Sauce; 2 slabs baby back ribs; Kingsford Charcoal with Applewood. Liquid Seasoning. 1 tablespoon dry. The recipe for making PERFECT BBQ Ribs on your Charcoal grill is going to blow your mind, and they are ready IN AN HOUR!!.

A how-to guide on grilling ribs on charcoal. How to get fall-off-the-bone, tender barbecue ribs on a charcoal grill. Lay the ribs on the top rack of the grill (away from the coals, if you're using briquettes). Reduce gas heat to low, close lid, and leave undisturbed for 1 hour.