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How to make longer words on snapchat

How to Get a Longer Caption on Snapchat. Sometimes you've got a lot to say on a Snap in Snapchat, but the character limit won't let you say it. Snapchat limits. Open a new sheet in a word-processing app like Apple Notes, and hit the Take a snap, tap the text button, then hold down until you see the. The Genius Snapchat Trick You Had No Idea Existed. Author picture of Check out the easy fix below, and you'll never be at a loss for words again! 0. previous.

A sneaky Snapchat users has found a way of allowing for messages on the top to be able to type, and do the same to go down the message. Do you want to take your Snapchat marketing up a notch? pinch smaller, expand bigger, and rotate the bit of text to make even funkier snaps. Press the 'T' button top right corner of the window after you have typed your message. This will give you a 3 options for text layout. The standard.

Alex Heath / Tech Insider Snapchat is a fun way to send pictures and videos to friends, but the app does have a few limitations, like the length of. This Snapchat hack is a total game changer, as far as creativity in the your snaps, which is ideal if you want to tell your friends longer stories about a shot. Image caption Do a couple of returns in notes, then copy and paste it You can then download the Snapchat full caption module from the Xposed. Snapchat aims to compete with rivals by offering "context and choice," and it is easy to see how having extended room for captions backs this.