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What is salbahe in english

English-Tagalog Online Translator salbahe. bad; rude; unkind;. salbahe. barbarous [bárbaræs]. salbahe Tagalog, English. salbahe. unkind; rude; bad;. Bikol Central[edit]. Etymology[edit]. From Spanish salvaje (“wild, savage”). Adjective[edit]. salbahe. naughty. Tagalog[edit]. Etymology[edit]. From Spanish salvaje. SALBAHE English translation of the Filipino word salbaheng with usage examples. How to say in Tagalog? naugty, naughty, naugthy.

For example, the Spanish-derived salbahe and mutsatsa (muchacha) are almost exclusively used for offensive purposes in the Filipino context. Translation for: 'tampalasan, salbahe' in Tagalog->English dictionary. Search nearly 13 million words and phrases in more than language pairs. Need to translate "salbahe" from Filipino? Here are 7 possible meanings. English Translation. barbaric. More meanings for salbahe. Cebuano English Bisaya Dictionary - Cebuano English, English to Cebuano Dictionary from salbahe. (adj) rude; unkind; bad. Meaning of "salbahe". salbahe •. adj. rude, unkind, bad Copyright © - Tagalog English Dictionary | Manila Philippines. All rights reserved. Contextual translation of "napaka salbahe" into English. Human translations with examples: shark, damned, bad boy, sumanao, salbahe, あなたは非常にけち. tampalasan, salbahe: adj. barbarous. Source: Originally published in Tagalog: tampalasan, salbahe, English.