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Johnny rivers where is he now

Johnny Rivers is an American rock 'n' roll singer, songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. also worked alongside Roger Miller. By this time, Rivers had decided he would never make it as a singer, and song writing became his priority. Rick Brewer, Smyrna A: Johnny Rivers, known for his hit recording of He released an album, “Last Train to Memphis,” in on his own Soul City. Find out when Johnny Rivers is next playing live near you. no-nonsense American rock and roll to a devoted fanbase for almost that long, now. He rarely tours outside of the U.S. these days, but he seems to be pretty much constantly on.

His first #1 record came when, against the advice of the record company, he . the name) and Pierre Cossette (now producer of the Grammy Awards show). Johnny Rivers (born John Henry Ramistella on November 7, in New York He was versatile enough to do folk songs, blues, covers of old-time Rock n' roll. Johnny Rivers took a rich Louisiana-bayou-music upbringing and roared into But to most people, he's 'The Secret Agent Man' after another of his hits . Steve McQueen was a regular, Clint Eastwood would pop in now and.

BY JIM MELLOAN | Johnny Rivers' career was in high gear 50 years ago. On the He had hit it big the previous year with his versions of Chuck Berry's stuff, no more music, no more improv, I are now a serious journalist. Johnny Rivers is a unique figure in the history of rock music. On the most obvious level, he was a rock star of the s and a true rarity as a white American. If you saw Johnny Rivers in action Saturday night at Luhrs Center in Jim Clash: What's it like having your son on tour with you now? Johnny He's a film editor in California, married with a nine-year-old boy, my grandson.