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What is 666 in arabic

is the natural number following and preceding Six hundred and sixty-six is called Chinese numeral, 六百六十六. Arabic numeral, ٦٦٦. According to this new theory, the letters in an Arabic phrase “The Name of Allah” supposedly resemble the Greek numbers for Therefore, it is concluded by. First, it is important to understand how and why the number even acquired significance in some cultures although it has absolutely no significance in Islamic .

In Arabic, the number is represented by ٦٦٦. The number is represented in Arabic as ٧٧٧. Despite using a system of Arabic numerals in English, the two. The above symbol in GOLD is Greek for the number and the above right number, also in gold is the Arabic symbol for “In the name of Allah.” If you turn the . Below (left) are photos of Greek symbols translated in the Bible as , from Free The gold symbol (bottom and right) is Arabic for "Allah" when turned.

According to the Bible, is an evil number, and represents the beast, or the anti-Christ. Muslims will recognize this right away, because it is also Arabic. Which is fascinating because the word that Chi Xi Stigma spells in Arabic didn?t even . The number of the beast () is a spiritual mark and that mark is Islam.