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Schnuffel bunny russian lyrics to how great

Schnuffel Bunny (Beep beep, dum dum) I love you little bunny, I wanna be your honey I wish to tell you straight what's on it just means my love is deep Baby dum dum dum dum dum dum, means my heart beats like a drum Deutsch ( German), العربية (Arabic), Français (French), Русский (Russian), ಕನ್ನಡ ( Kannada). Schnuffel (ˈʃnʊfəl) Kuschel Song (English version) lyrics: You are my sweetest love, Snuggle, cuddle and then hug me,. With you I always want to be. La la la la My love is deep and true okey but i cant speak russian. i got the english translate lyrics from IC3PEAK Bad Bunny - Desde el corazón. Translation of 'Kuschel-Song' by Schnuffel (ˈʃnʊfəl) from German to English.

BEEP BEEP! LYRICS by SCHNUFFEL BUNNY: I love you little bunny / I want to be your honey / I wish It just means my love is deep. Baby dum dum dum. Lyrics for I love you so by Schnuffel Bunny. Do, do, doo-bee-doo-bee Do, do, doo -bee-doo-bee Do, do, doo-bee-doo-bee-doo I love you so. Read or print original Snuggle Song lyrics updated! You are my Schnuffel Bunny – Snuggle Song Lyrics. You are My love is deep and true. I'd be lost if.

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