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Place stairs anywhere sims 3

Can't place stairs? I'm trying to place stairs, and as you can see in the screenshot it is not working. Is that Sims 3? This is a Sims2 forum. I'm trying to build a house and add a basement but when i try and place stairs it keeps coming up with the error can't place in foundations. Guide Menu (Click to Go Anywhere). Carl's Sims 3 Site . If you place stairs without a railing, you can select to manually add a railing of your choice later. Stairs will These stairs, once placed will have walls around three sides. The walls.

Pressing the CTRL+ ALT keys while trying to place the object will activate the deleteAllObjects [Doors/Windows/Stairs] The Sims 3: World Adventures Edit. The stairs can be found in the build mode by clicking the little stairs in front of the house. Pick the stairs you want, and place. I had a problem where it said the. "The Sims 3" is a computer game that allows players to create characters known as Place a door in front of the stairs so your Sim can enter.

Re: Can't place spiral stairs anywhere - says "Can't intersect objects". «Reply #3 on: November 24, , AM». Have you removed. You need to add a room to the second story, and then you can place the stairs underneath that room. Hope this helped.