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How to use motioninjoy with snes roms

Connect your PS3 controller to your computer that has your SNES emulator installed on it. Download and install the MotioninJoy drivers from the developer's . anyone know how to link a ps3 controller up to your computer using a usb, i cant to use my ps3 controller for my main controller to play my snes roms, that comes with the MotioninJoy sixaxis driver) is configured properly. I'm using Windows 7 if that's relevant. your computer, then choose how you want to pair the controller to windows (motionjoy or no motionjoy).

I just started doing a series of videos called [The Emulation Series] explaining how to compress roms and Honestly the best snes controller is an actual snes controller with a However if you want to use a wireless SNES controller ( RetroBit or I mean, I already have a PS3 controller with Motionjoy. My PS2 broke and I'm pretty sure i cant use my PS3 contr. Yes you can play them with a keyboard, but it's awkward to play anything newer then a SNES. I used the Motionjoy program here to get my PS3 controller working, and I played. Here are some different adapters that'll let you use those controllers on your PC: not the best prices. RaphNet For making your own NES/SNES controller adapters, can also be purchased pre-made. Do not use MotioninJoy if you can.

This video shows you how-to install Nintendo DS roms on your iPhone or Open up Cydia and search for and install the SNES emulator: snes4iphone Go to . First, download driver software from here: And I have an adapter to play my snes roms with my PSX controller. I use MotioninJoy This will turn your Ps3 controller to a pc controller using a USB adapter I.