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How to use computercraft modems

Modems are blocks which can be used to wirelessly transfer data between Computers and Turtles, using the Rednet API or the Modem API. Direct use of modems requires understanding of the "channels" system - these are essentially networks which can be opened, closed and. If you want to use a modem to communicate with a peripheral you might want to take a look at the.

The Wireless Modem allows your Computers to communicate over rednet. but when i do,msg) it says No such program. when i use Lua and do it i get an error th.,msg) is an computercraft API, not program. The Wireless Modem is an item from ComputerCraft, which allows wireless In order to use a Wireless Modem, place it on a Computer, or craft a Turtle with it. Let me begin by saying that the Rednet API in ComputerCraft is fun. You can now use the floppy disk to put the program on the Turtle.