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How to remove web page dialog

You cannot remove it (it's kind of a visual cue to the user that they are still in a web browser) as it displays the tag of the page they are on. Once the HTML file is loaded and popped up, the title always display Web Page Dialog'. eg. Warning -- Web Page Dialog Warning -- THis is what I specify on the . How to remove the Web Page Dialog caption on title bar of the dialog box? I am aspx web page and etomukuqejit.gqdalDialog() function.

The web page presents a pop-up dialog box that presents two command . The Software Removal Tool will download to your computer. Hi,. I'm using etomukuqejit.gqdalDialog() to create some modal dialog boxes. Is there any way to avoid the annoying. "-- Web Page Dialog". These messages say things like "Errors on this webpage might cause it to work incorrectly. the Internet Options item (O key); The Internet Options dialog has many tabs. Delete your Internet Explorer temporary files and cookies and history.

how do i change the title" message from webpage"in confirm pop-up.i .. If customizing the Modal Dialog Title of a Confirmation box is of a. TestComplete detects these dialogs in all the supported web browsers and lets Message("Alert text: " + etomukuqejit.gqe);"OK").Click(); }. Need to undo "Prevent Site from Creating Anymore Dialogs" checkbox on gmail. 3 replies Reload those web page(s) and bypass the cache.