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How to read a sperry sp-5a

The Sperry SP-5A is a pocket-size analog multimeter, which is a device that measures the electrical Replace the battery if a reading of "0" cannot be obtained. A.W. Sperry Instruments, Inc. shall be limited to the repair or replacement at its sole 1) Inspect the SP-5A Analog Multimeter for any signs of Damage to the 5) Read the AC or DC voltage using the V-MA scale directly below the mirror scale. How to Use a Sperry Analog Multimeter. A multimeter is a tool used in the negative to the negative post. The reading will fall on nine volts if the battery is good.

Find great deals for Sperry Sp-5a Analog Multimeter W/test Leads v ACDC. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Hi, I have a Sperry SPA needle tester (multi-meter) and the instruction manual was worthless. It has 3 dial positions 1, Rx10, and 1K. Your meter is called a multimeter or volt-ohm-milliammeter (VOM). If you search the internet, you can find all kinds of illustrated generic.

Now I am trying to learn how to use thsi Sperry SP-5A Multi-meter to trace down the The higher the reading, the less continuity you have. My multimeter, a Sperry SP-5A, doesn't beep but claims to include a I've read through it and don't see a continuity test so I'll buy a better.