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How to make study groups effective study

Tips for using study groups to improve your academic performance in the classroom and on exams. Learn how to develop and effective study group. Here are some tips from the Eccles School of Business for creating an effective study group to lead to better success during Finals Week. Creating an Effective Study Group. 1. Don't make the group too big; a group of three or four students is the ideal size. 2. Designate a moderator.

If more are interested, form two groups and get together occasionally to share information and prepare for exams. • Who? Don't base study. Pooling together these resources and forming a study group can make life easier while increasing the A good start is talking to the person sitting next to you. When in a study group, however, students have to be present at a specific .. Study groups are very effective and help out when learning many.

Locate one or two good study places with few distractions or interruptions Study with a group if that works for you, but choose study partners who have the. Sometimes other students have questions you didn't even know you have, and members is good for most study groups, but plan for attrition/scheduling.