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How to fix cat scratches on walls

Peel off a sample of the paint at least an inch wide (you can take it from the wall next to the scratch) and take it to Home Depot or Lowes. They will help you pick. These tips will show you how to repair pet damaged walls by sanding, spackling, As Tim says, if you get a dog that little you might as well have a cat. From Tim : Usually animal scratches are pretty localized and, therefore, easy to fix. To change a curtain, remove a shelf or simply change a lamp, are very common situations that can leave an unsightly hole in the sight of all.

Cheap dry wall repairs. Fix cat scratches. Answer. Veronica Rivera Coberly Ken Lin +4. Answered. 6 answers. 2dogal. on Oct walls are subjected to wear and tear. Dings and scratches are unattractive but you can't just replace a wall when it's looking worse for wear, but you can fix it. The spray texture will hide the scratches. If you mess up when spraying the texture on the wall, it is not a problem. Just wipe it off with a paper.

The problem with cat scratches on wallpaper is that the cat's claws will actually remove Ensure that you have cut through the the wallpaper that's on the wall.