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How to edit tumblr cursor image

Get this on your theme's code before: [code]*, body, a{cursor: url( CURSOR-IMAGE-URL), auto} [/code]Go to any website that shares. Blog: How To Change Your Tumblr Cursor. image. Do you want your tumblr look more exciting? You can change the model of the cursor on. GOOGLE CHROME HAS A CURSOR EXTENSION THAT WHENEVER IT CATCHES disclaimer: don't edit like me and save over your original image im.

first, go into ''Edit Theme” and click “Edit HTML”. look for “ and then you can replace “Cursor URL Goes Here” with that URL click “Update Preview” and. body, a, a:hover { cursor:url( aae40cc5efed8a82b/tumblr_ms6e1pJCW01r88r7qo1_ png), auto }. body, a {cursor: url(''), auto;} me and give me some good, specific instructions on how to change my blog cursor please??.

Have your picture (or whatever you wanna use as a cursor) ready. where do you put the picture for the 'back to top'? also i cant change my cursor even if i tried . How to Add a Fancy Cursor to Your Blog This tutorial will show you how to add a fancy cursor, just ② click on 'customize' at the top right corner of your tumblr. The problem is that you had put the cursor property in differents elements (for example, in > a). If you add the!important you ensure "overwrite" the.