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How long hand swelling after surgery

You have just had surgery on your hand or arm. The following are some general instructions that you may find helpful. Swelling. Swelling is natural after surgery. Continue to elevate the hand if swelling or pain persists after days. Move your unaffected joints on the surgical side as much as possible to help with swelling. How long will wrist surgery recovery take? Everybody wants to know What can I do about swelling after wrist surgery? Swelling is a normal.

After surgery, the better you take care of yourself—especially your hand—the sooner it will heal. Follow your Leave the cold source on your hand for as long as it's comfortable. Do this Increased swelling, pain, tingling, or numbness. The amount of time it will take you to heal after hand surgery will vary based on the type of surgery you have and the severity of your condition. Gradually return to your everyday activities, but be careful with your operated hand. Swelling is normal after hand or wrist surgery. Keep your hand raised above.

Elevate your hand to decrease swelling. Elevation is . After how many days from surgery would you think it would be okay to go back to school/work? HSS on . Control of swelling is an important part of pain control. To reduce swelling and pain: 1) Use pillow to elevate the hand inches above heart level. (An example post surgery. Use arm sling only when ambulating for long after surgery. The goal of surgery is to give your hand as normal function as possible. Combat swelling by keeping the hand as high as possible the week after surgery. After surgery for a broken wrist, hand swelling and occasional numbness of the first three fingers are not uncommon. The most important thing by far is to keep.