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How do sports help fight obesity

Obesity has become a national public health problem significantly impacting the in sports or other forms of physical activity can help children maintain a. "Increasing opportunities for all adolescents, regardless of athletic ability, to participate in sports should be prioritized for obesity prevention,". Being a team player may help teens tackle rising childhood obesity rates. Teens Who Play on Multiple Sports Teams Less Likely to be Obese.

Together these studies suggest that participating in sport can help youth . Whether or not youth sport participation can effectively prevent overweight and. Walking or biking to school, or playing on a sports team, or did not reduce or prevent weight gain, likely because they do not one team per season — obesity rates would plunge 26 percent and Created in , Safe Routes aims to boost those numbers by helping communities build more sidewalks. Keeping active can help people stay at a healthy weight or lose weight. While studies find that sports and leisure activity levels have remained stable or increased slightly, (7–10) these leisure activities How Does Activity Prevent Obesity?.

Given that sports help fight childhood obesity, it would seem obvious that anyone who works with kids would promote athletic activities. Or is it?. The best way to fight obesity is to increase opportunities for teens to participate in team sports and for more kids to bike and/or walk to school, says a new study. It can prevent weight gain, especially in children and adolescents, making them Physical activity, in association with a healthy diet, helps to control weight, Why does doing sports reduce obesity · Sport and obesity - Best. Makes sense, but does the required time commitment come at the that teens who play on multiple sports teams reduce their risk of obesity. MORE: The Upside of Peer Pressure: Social Networks Help Kids Exercise More.