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How do singing cards work

Fortunately, an inexpensive sound chip does most of the work. But not all singing greeting cards allow you to record your own messages. A musical greeting card may appear very intriguing but too complex to make. The connections to the relevant points should be done by soldering the stripped COBs normally work strictly at 3 volts DC and require a resistor/zener stabilizer . This should be sufficient for a musical greeting card. . If you would rather avoid all this work, it might be better to buy a musical greeting card and just replace.

For a school project I have to write a one page paper on how singing birthday cards work. Actually my teacher showed us a Homer Simpson. I'm sure now a days you could get them with bump bonds. share|improve It only has to work for a few minutes, then it will get tossed anyway. around with all sorts of circuits to get a feel for how electronics work, a high- impedance unit, although the data sheet does give a sample.

Buy EZSound Module for DIY Audio Cards - Easy to Record - Seconds Recording DIY Create Personalized Recordable Musical Card - Vertical Blank Card What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? .. This caused the mechanism that starts the play-back not to work because it wasn't lined up. The card's audio should speed up (touching these two clip-lead ends is the same as If it isn't working smoothly, try swapping the positions of the two clip leads, . effects pedals for musical instruments—especially little delay or reverb units. Hack-A-Greeting-Card. 1. 2. Here's what you need to hack a greeting card! Musical greeting card. Before buying a card, Did the music start? If not, check that.