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Chief keef lyrics funny how things

The latest example of this is Chief Keef, who announced his "exit" from the rap Now back in the swing of things, the Chicago rapper looks to. Walked in the spot, smellin' like ganja. Walked out the spot, hop in my car, skooskoo riding. “Funny” is the sixth track on Chief Keef’s album, Nobody. What are Chief Keef's worst lines? “And I say money ain't a damn thing . I understand hype music but Chief Keef is so bad that I can't even get hype to his.

Chief Keef Quotes Rap Quotes, Lyric Quotes, Lyrics, Inspirational Quotes, Chief keef lmao Kardashian Memes, Fake Smile, Hip Hop, Mood, Funny Stuff. Lyrics to "Funny" song by Chief Keef & 12Million: Walked in the spot, smellin' like ganja Walked in the spot, smellin' like money Walked out the spot. A list of lyrics, artists and songs that contain the term "funny by chief keef" - from the reindeer put together with Chief Keef Cause I hate every f***ing thing, yeah.

Original lyrics of Funny song by Chief Keef. 1 user explained Funny meaning. Find more of Chief Keef lyrics. Watch official video Comment and share your favourite lyrics. Does it mean anything special hidden between the lines to you ?. Chief Keef is legitimately funny af .. I've heard that song so many times and I just got the "tip cup" thing. .. He's got so many funny lyrics. Chief Keef "Monster" (). Producer: Young Chop Album: Back from the Dead Label: GBE Best lyric: "We just do our thing and the Feds.